An open source monitoring platform, what you can expect from this newsletter in 2024, open source funding news, and jobs.

Happy New Year! This is Jonathan from OpenSourceAlternativeTo. I hope you had a great start to 2024. 

Two of my New Year resolutions are to give back more to the open source community and to get into a continuous writing habit again. So I thought, why not combine it and revive this newsletter?

But let’s do a quick recap.

This newsletter started with - which quickly became the most popular directory for finding open source alternatives to SaaS. Since its start in 2022, the page had over 1.3 million unique visitors. 😳

Around 10,000 open source enthusiasts signed up for this newsletter, and I tried to send updates once per month - sometimes I failed.

This is going to change in 2024. I’m super excited to bring fresh open source updates to your inbox and contribute my small part in accelerating the open source movement.

I plan to send you a weekly update about:

  • Spotlights of exciting open source projects

  • Interviews with open source leaders

  • Job opportunities at open source startups

  • Fundraising announcements

  • and whatever I think is relevant for you

I’m always curious: What would you like to read about open source in 2024?Please feel free to hit reply and let me know if you have any input.

Here comes the first edition of Open Pioneers. 👇

🔍 Spotlight: OpenStatus

OpenStatus is the open source monitoring platform that lets you monitor your endpoints from all over the world. The project was started in 2023 but already supports monitoring from all continents and for pretty much all endpoints (API, DNS, domain, SSL, SMTP, ping, webpages, etc). The best thing? You can set up a beautiful status page with no effort and let your customers know whenever there is downtime.

  • Open source alternative to Better Stack, Atlassian Statuspage, Instatus

  • 3.4k+ stargazers

  • 164 Forks

  • AGPL-3.0 licensed

Learn more about OpenStatus: Website | GitHub | X

🦄 Open source startup radar

  • Mistral AI, a truly open alternative to OpenAI, announced a $400M round at a $2B valuation. Link

  • Replicate, an API for open source AI models, announced a $40M Series B led by a16z. Link

  • Appflowy, an open source workspace for wikis and projects, announced a $6.4M Seed in November. Link

  • Plane, an open source project management tool, announced a $4M Seed in November. Link

💼 Work in open source

  • Senior Director of Developer Relations (US) at Temporal Apply 

  • Marketing Lead (Remote) at Edgeless Systems Apply

  • Senior Software Engineer (Remote/US) at Grafana Labs Apply

  • Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager (Berlin/Remote in EU) at n8n Apply

Not a good fit? Check out more opportunities at Trueup or

I would love to hear from you. What did you like or didn’t like about this newsletter? Which content would be relevant for you?

Until next week,

Jonathan (@jonathimer)

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