An open source alternative to Loom • New projects for AI test generation, project management, and LLMs in your terminal • Winamp goes open source • How open source empowers non-profits

Welcome to Open Pioneers #21 - your weekly update from the forefront of open source. Today, we talk about:

  • Cap, an open source alternative to Loom

  • New open source projects, including:

    • CodiumAI Cover-Agent: AI-powered test generation.

    • Worklenz: All in one project management tool.

    • Shell Ask: Ask LLM directly from your terminal.

  • Winamp goes open source

  • How open source empowers non-profits

  • Funding news from Vercel, Parseable, and TinyCMS

  • And more open source content

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🔍 Spotlight: Cap, an open source alternative to Loom

Cap is an open source and cross-platform screen recording and sharing tool, also known as an alternative to Loom. While the project is still in its early innings, key features already include:

  • Lightweight and powerful screen recording software that allows you to record and share videos instantly.

  • Cross-platform availability, working on various operating systems.

  • User-friendly interface for effortless screen capture and sharing.

  • Easy way to share the recordings with shareable links.

  • Completely open source and free to use with no credit card required.

The team behind Cap announced public beta about a month ago: “The goal isn't to just create a Loom alternative, but to build the world's best screen recording and sharing tool. Through the power of community and open source, we'll get there.”

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🔥 New open source projects started last week

🎧 Winamp goes open source

Winamp, the iconic music player software, has announced that it will open-source its code for the Windows version on September 24, 2024. This move invites global collaboration, allowing developers worldwide to contribute their expertise, ideas, and passion to help evolve this legendary software.

Winamp recognizes that it has become more than just a music player, embodying a unique digital culture, aesthetic, and user experience. By opening the source code, Winamp aims to take the next step in its history, enabling users to contribute directly to improving the product.

While Winamp will remain the owner of the software and decide on innovations for the official version, this open source project is an opportunity for the community to shape the future of this iconic application. Developers interested in contributing can join a waitlist.

Open source software and open data are increasingly vital for addressing global environmental and social challenges faced by non-profits and communities worldwide. For example, open source enables websites and apps to function, and provides a cost-effective solution for nonprofits with limited budgets. It offers transparency, security, and universal access to collaborative tools like content management systems and online office suites.

Nonprofits such as Wegweiser in Germany have adopted open source platforms like Nextcloud and Onlyoffice to manage content, documentation, and collaborative editing while ensuring data privacy and control over their infrastructure. Other nonprofits like Seawatch or Foodsharing Austria have also embraced these open source tools for their operations.

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💰 Open source funding

  • Vercel, the company behind Next JS, announced their $250M Series E at $3.25B valuation led by Accel. Link

  • Parseable, building log analytics for the cloud era, announced their $2.75M Seed. Link

  • TinaCMS has been acquired. Link

📚 More open source content

  • OpenSSF launch Siren for open source threat intelligence Link

  • Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin advocates for open source AI Link

  • Mozilla lists open source AI benefits as we approach the peak of the hype Link

  • Meta releases open source React compiler Link

  • More than money, open source pros want these 2 things from their next jobs Link

  • Old is new again: The primacy of open source databases Link

Until next week,

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